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Gym Floor Resource :: Facility Cleaning :: Marvalosa MicroAir 3000 Dispenser

Marvalosa MicroAir 3000 Dispenser

Marvalosa MicroAir 3000 Dispenser

The MicroAir 3000 is a  metered air freshener that removes odors from rooms and replaces them with a long-lasting, lavendar fragrance. The MicroAir 3000  is perfect for locker rooms, schools, washrooms and other areas where people gather. The despenser uses an automatic dispensing system that can last upito 60 days depending on settings.

The user can choose the start/stop time, frequency of spray and the refill life. I.P.E™ function allows for a higher dosage during busier times of the day. The MircoAir also features a countdown timer for each spray. The Marvalosa MicroAir 3000 dispenser is battery operated. Effective in rooms up 6,000 cu/ft in size. Batteries not included.

Picture left is the Micro Air 3000 dispenser.

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